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Trim Your Wicks!


Have you ever read the care instructions on a candle label and wondered what all the fuss concerning trimming the wick was about? It might sound trivial, but it’s actually quite important and will ensure you get the most out of any candle in terms of value and burn time. Essentially, wick-trimming is all about maintaining your candle to be an efficient burning machine.

At Lakeland Lights Company, all our candle wicks are pre-trimmed to 5mm and we suggest that you trim your candle wicks between burns. Please let your candle cool for at least 2 hours before trimming – we don’t want to be responsible for any scorched fingertips!

By trimming the wick, you are limiting and controlling the amount of wax around the flame, and hopefully achieving optimum burn levels. This results in a cleaner burn with less smoke and soot. A properly trimmed wick also creates a clean and bright flame and avoids the wick “mushrooming”.



Wicks can be trimmed with scissors, and there are even fancy wick-trimming devices for the serious candle aficionados out there. However, our favoured tool for trimming all our candles are a good pair of nail clippers. When your candle is cool, simply snip your wick to 5mm above the surface wax, 'et voilà, your wick has now been trimmed and it’s in tip-top condition for the next burn. Be sure to remove and dispose of any of the trimmed wick.

Such a simple thing to do, but omitting this step can make the difference between a candle that performs brilliantly, to one that mushrooms and soots up, potentially causing stains to candle jars and even staining walls.

Trim Your Wicks!