5 Reasons Why Lakeland Lights Company Loves Soy Wax


When we decided we wanted to make high quality handmade scented candles here at the Lakeland Lights Company, there was never any doubt that we would be using soy wax for our products instead of traditional paraffin wax. Keep reading as we explain our top 5 reasons for making this decision.

  1. Natural

    Soy wax is natural. Soy wax is derived from soybeans and therefore does not contain any artificial nasties or the harmful by-products that are produced from petroleum-made paraffin wax.

  2. cleaner

    Soy wax produces 90% less soot than traditional wax candles, thus reducing indoor air pollution, and they are also non-toxic. This cleaner burn makes them much better for our health.

  3. sustainable

    Soy is sustainable as the growing of soybeans is a renewable resource. This is much better for the environment.

  4. biodegradable

    Soy wax is biodegradable. Again, this is much better for the environment and it also makes clean-up easier if you happen to spill some on a table or a piece of fabric.

  5. Safer

    Soy wax has a lower melting point. This reduces the risk of burns should you accidentally spill some on yourself.

Although we could wax on all day about lots of other benefits to using soy wax, these are the core reasons behind our preference for soy over paraffin wax. To experience the benefits of soy wax for yourself, be sure to take a look at our lovely scents inspired by the Lake District in our online shop.

James Long