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Cymru Gift Set

Gift Set: Llandudno | Ynys Llanddwyn | Yr Wyddfa

Need a thoughtful gift? Our candle gift sets are the perfect solution! Each set contains 3 of our handmade soy wax candles inspired by our favourite Welsh locations. Each candle in the gift set comes in our gorgeous new mini candle glasses. There's nothing mini about the burn times though, with each candle lasting for up to 20 hours. That's a total of 60 hours of burn time in each set! 

Carefully curated and boxed in beautiful recyclable Kraft packaging, we currently  offer our new Cymru Collection of Llandudno, Ynys Llanddwyn and Yr Wyddfa as our first Gift Set from this exciting new range.


Llandudno, reminiscent of sunny seaside breakfasts, a hint of marmalade on toast in the air. This delightful fragrance marries notes of tangy citrus and crisp apple with a sweet, spicy heart, all resting on a woody, sandalwood base.

Llandudno, yn atgoffa o frecwastau glan y mô r heulog, awgrym o farmalêd ar dost yn yr aer. Mae’r arogl hyfryd hon yn priodi nodau o sitrws tanllyd ac afal ffres â chalon felys, sbeislyd, i gyd yn gorffwys ar sylfaen o bren sandalwydd.

Ynys Llanddwyn

Llanddwyn Island, a homage to Dwynwen, the Welsh saint of love. This romantic infusion carries notes of tea rose and darjeeling, highlighted with a citrusy embrace and a floral heart, nestled on a base of gentle white musk.

Ynys Llanddwyn, teyrnged i Dwynwen, Santes cariadon Cymru. Mae’r trwyth rhamantus hwn yn cario nodau o rosyn te a darjeeling, wedi’i amlygu â chwtsh citrws a chalon flodeuog, wedi’i nythu ar sylfaen o fwsg gwyn mwyn.

Yr Wyddfa

Yr Wyddfa, Snowdon, an ode to the rare Snowdon lily nestled within its peaks. This captivating blend unveils a harmony of lily and rose, sparked with bergamot and subtle hints of fruit, resting on an amber-infused woodland base.

Yr Wyddfa, cân i Lili’r Wyddfa prin sy’n swatio o fewn ei chopaon. Mae’r cyfuniad cyfareddol hwn yn datgelu cytgord o lili a rhosyn, wedi’i danio â bergamot ac awgrymiadau cynnil o ffrwythau, yn gorffwys ar sylfaen coetir wedi’i drwytho ag ambr.


    Experience the perfect blend of luxury and value with our high-quality soy candle gift sets, the ideal present for any occasion with a variety of carefully curated collections to choose from.

    Product Information: 

    Scent Notes
    • Yr Wyddfa: Fruity, Floral, Citrus

    • Ynys Llanddwyn: Sweet, Musky, Floral, Citrus

    • Llandudno: Citrus, Fruity, Spicey

    Burn Times & Size Information


    • Come in attractive white glass jars x 3 per set

    • Candle wax weight approx 120g per candle

    • Candle and jar weight 230g per candle

    • Candle Size Small - jar height 7.5cm, diameter 6cm

    • Packaging size - 19cm x 6.5cm x 8cm - contains 3 candles

    • Gift set weight - approx 730g