Lakeland Lights Wax Pouring Into Mold Process

Our Story

Here at the Lakeland Lights Company, we create luxury scented candles that are not only inspired by the stunning landscapes of the Lake District and Cumbria but now also by the breathtaking beauty and rich history of North Wales. Every location we choose has a unique story and essence, which we strive to capture and incorporate into our distinctive scents.

All of our candles are meticulously handcrafted, utilising natural soy wax, pure cotton wicks, and the highest quality fragrance oils. Our scents are expertly blended to evoke the spirit and ambience of each location, from the tranquil lakes and rugged mountains of Cumbria to the enchanting castles and majestic peaks of North Wales.

We are Jo and James, a husband and wife team with a shared love for crafting and storytelling. After spending over a decade overseas in vibrant Hong Kong and serene Iceland, we decided to return to the UK. The fast-paced life in Hong Kong was exhilarating, but it left little room for our creative passions. After a refreshing year in Iceland with our two dogs, we came back to England and established a business that allows us to channel our creativity and passion into something tangible - Lakeland Lights Company was born!

Our family-run business continues to grow, and as we venture into new landscapes, we hope to bring a piece of these beautiful locations into your homes through our carefully crafted scents.

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