Christmas Gift Set

Gift Set: Robin's Brow | Christmas Crags | Festive Fells

Brand new for 2023, your favourite Christmas candles are now available as a gift set. Each set contains our Christmas trio of handmade soy wax candles. Each candle in the gift set comes in our gorgeous new mini candle glasses. There's nothing mini about the burn times though, with each candle lasting for up to 20 hours. That's a total of 60 hours of burn time in each set! 

Carefully curated and boxed in beautiful recyclable Kraft packaging, we offer our Christmas Collection of Robin's Brow, Christmas Crags and Festive Fells as our new Gift Set from this popular Festive range.

Robin's Brow

Taking pride of place in our Christmas Collection is our Robin’s Brow scent named after the littlest member of the Lakeland Lights family who sometimes wears a furrowed brow depending on her mood! Having our own little girl Robin meant it was only right that she had a Christmas scent named in her honour.

Here, we’ve opted for a festive winner with a seasonal fruitiness from orange peel teamed with spicy nutmeg and vanilla. Everything combines to conjure up the smell of winter berries during the cold season.

Christmas Crags

Bring a little festive warmth into your home with our candle. Evoking memories of cosy Christmas mornings in the Lakes, the fell tops dusted with snow and the frost twinkling on the hedgerows.

Come in from the cold to a warming smell of citrus and a blend of Christmas spices. Hints of jasmine and fir complete this winter warmer.

Festive Fells

Wrap up warm and walk off your Christmas lunch as you take a stroll through the Cumbrian landscape. The comforting scents from log fires and the surrounding woodland linger in the crisp winter air.

Take in woody notes of birch tar, pine and cedarwood alongside familiar seasonal undertones of wood smoke. A touch of incense and patchouli complete this wintry winner.

Experience the perfect blend of luxury and value with our high-quality soy candle gift sets, the ideal present for any occasion with a variety of carefully curated collections to choose from. Also available in our Cumbrian and Cymru scents.

Product Information: 

Scent Notes
  • Robin's Brow: Fruity, Floral, Citrus
  • Christmas Crags: Fruity, Spicy, Sweet, Seasonal
  • Festive Fells: Woody, Smokey, Earthy, Seasonal
Burn Times


  • Come in attractive white glass jars x 3 per set

  • Candle wax weight approx 120g per candle

  • Candle and jar weight 230g per candle

  • Candle Size Small - jar height 7.5cm, diameter 6cm

  • Packaging size - 19cm x 6.5cm x 8cm - contains 3 candles

  • Gift set weight - approx 730g