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A Very Special Collaboration

Lakeland Lights Company’s very first wholesale customer was the The Lingholm Kitchen just outside Keswick. The Lingholm Kitchen sits within the spectacular Lingholm Estate and is a wonderful place for breakfast, brunch and or afternoon tea. They also have a wonderful gift shop, hence our connection with them. The Lingholm Kitchen is not only famous for its delicious bread and cakes, but also for its Walled Garden (which sits on the spot that Beatrix Potter credits as inspiration for the garden in her Tale of Peter Rabbit) and also for its unique Blue Lingholm Poppy.

Our LINGHOLM BLUE POPPY luxury scented soy candle

We had the idea fairly early on that it would be amazing to try and encompass all the wonderful things about Lingholm into a single candle. So here we have a very special new candle launch, our LINGHOLM BLUE POPPY. The making of this candle was very much a collaborative project with the Lingholm Team as we tried to choose a scent that would take you on a walk around their historic walled garden and through to their field of amazingly vibrant blue poppies.

The scent of the blue poppy itself is very delicate, so we agreed to base the scent of the candle on the walled garden and then to focus the packaging on the ombre effect of the actual poppies. The scent is a fruity and floral blend with layers of raspberrylychee and peony. There are also hints of jasmine and rosewood to round everything out. Much like the blue poppy, this is no wallflower of a candle as it definitely makes a deliciously bold statement.

Our LINGHOLM BLUE POPPY luxury scented soy candle

This candle is sold in medium and large sizes and is exclusive to The Lingholm Kitchen gift shop, although we do have a limited number of units available for sale on our website here.