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How to Make the Most of Your Lakeland Lights Advent Calendar: A Step-by-Step Guide

What is a Wax Melt?

Before we dive into the fun stuff, let's clarify what a wax melt is. A wax melt is a scented piece of wax that doesn't have a wick. To release its fragrance, you place it in a wax melter and heat it up. It's a great way to enjoy our signature scents without the need for a flame. We offer wax melts in both our Cumbrian and North Wales ranges, so you can experience the landscapes we love, right in your home. All of our wax melts are made from 100% soy wax infused with the highest quality fragrance oils.

Step 1: Unbox Your Calendar

First things first, carefully open your Lakeland Lights Advent Calendar. Haven't got one yet? You can order one here.

You'll find 24 doors, each hiding a unique scented soy wax melt inspired by our favourite locations in Cumbria and a few special ones from our new Welsh range.

Step 2: Use the Logbook

Your calendar comes with a scent logbook. It's a handy place to jot down your thoughts on each scent as you go through the calendar. You can even share your favourites with friends, family and us on social media!

Step 3: Choose Your Wax Melter

If you're new to wax melts, you'll need a wax melter. We offer a bundle that includes a beautiful ceramic wax burner, perfect for those who want to start melting right away. You can see the bundle here. There are loads of different wax melters out there including those that use tea light candles as the heat source as well as electric ones which are just plug and play. You can even get log burner stove top ones!


Step 4: Start Your Scented Journey

Starting on 1st December, open the door corresponding to the date. Place the wax melt in your melter and let the scent fill your space. Each melt lasts around 10 hours, depending on your melter, giving you a total of 240 hours of aromatic delight. Don’t worry if you can’t use a melt a day! You can still open each door and see what’s hidden and use your melts as and when you choose. We have people who are still using their melts from last year’s Advent Calendar please just enjoy at your own pace.

Step 5: Embark on a Mission!

As you open each door, you'll find illustrated tools and helpers (you’ll see) who will guide you on a search and rescue mission, in the spirit of the amazing work that the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team do. This mission will culminate on Christmas Eve with the reveal of a brand new Lakeland Lights Company scent which will be joining the family in February 2024.

Step 6: Look for Golden Wax Melts

Keep an eye out for our special Golden Wax Melts. There are just 5 of these nuggets but find one, and you'll win an exclusive candle-making session at our Cleator Moor workshops for you and 3 friends, along with a hamper of Lakeland Lights goodies. A prize worth over £500! Plus you’ll be able to tour the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team base too. 


Step 7: Support a Good Cause

Remember, for every calendar sold, we donate £1 to the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team. So, you're not just buying a calendar; you're supporting a vital community service.

Step 8: Share Your Experience

We love hearing from you! Share your scent journey on social media and let us know which scents you loved the most. Tag us or email in photos of you with your calendar and you can feature in our Christmas Lakeland Lights Family decorations at the workshop.

So there you have it, a step-by-step guide to making the most of your Lakeland Lights Advent Calendar. Happy melting!