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The Story Behind Lakeland Lights Co.'s Unique Advent Calendars

The Rising Trend of Unique Advent Calendars

Over the past few years, we've noticed a delightful trend in the world of advent calendars. Gone are the days when December mornings were marked just by tiny chocolates. Today, advent calendars have become a canvas for creativity and a way to indulge in a brand's story, one day at a time. From beauty brands offering a new lipstick or skincare sample each day, to tea companies providing a different brew to wake up to, the options are endless and exciting.

As lovers of this tradition, we at Lakeland Lights Co. wanted to bring our own unique touch to the advent calendar scene. Last year, we introduced our first-ever advent calendar, and the response was overwhelming. This year, we're back with something even more special.

Our Advent Calendar Journey

In 2022, we launched "A Brief History of Lakeland Lights Co. Volume I - A Cumbrian Scent Story". This wasn't just any advent calendar; it was a journey through our range of scents, each inspired by the beautiful landscapes of Cumbria. Opening it was like flipping through a book of memories, with each wax melt representing a different location. The interactive map inside added a touch of fun, letting everyone mark off each scent as they went along. And who could forget the thrill of hunting for the Golden Wax Melts? Those lucky enough to find one were invited for a unique candle-making experience with us. The calendar was a huge success and a complete sell out!

This year, we're taking you on a new adventure with "Lakeland Lights Co Advent Calendar Volume II - Search & Rescue - The Hunt for the Missing Scent". As we unveil a scent each day, we're also supporting the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team, with a portion of each sale going to their cause. The theme is close to our hearts, and we've woven it into every aspect of the calendar. From the rescue tool illustrations to the big reveal of a new scent behind door 24, every detail has been crafted with love.


Supporting Small Businesses in Challenging Times

In these uncertain times, supporting small family businesses like ours makes a world of difference. Despite the challenges, we've chosen to freeze our prices for the past two years, ensuring our loyal customers continue to receive great value. Our advent calendar, priced at just £29.99, is a testament to this commitment. With 24 unique scents, it offers incredible value, and we're thrilled to see the positive feedback from our community.

Join us in celebrating the festive season with our unique advent calendar. Whether you're a returning customer or discovering Lakeland Lights Co. for the first time, we promise a December filled with delightful scents and stories!