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Why Our Wax Melt Advent Calendar is a Must-Have for Candle Lovers

The Perfect Sampler

We get it, you're a candle aficionado. You love the flicker of the flame, the slow melt of the wax, and the way a candle can transform a room. Wax melts just aren’t quite the same. In fact we’ll admit that we’re very much candle folk ourselves but there are times we’ll reach for a melt over a candle and we’re here to tell you why we think you should try them too as we think we have the perfect product for them. 

Firstly, our Advent Calendar is the perfect way to dip your toes into the world of wax melts. With 24 different scents, it's like a tasting menu for your nose. You can try out all our signature scents inspired by the landscapes of Cumbria and our new Welsh range, without committing to a full-sized candle. It's especially handy when you're shopping online and can't smell before you buy. We’ve often been asked whether we offer a sample selection of our scents and now technically we do. And it’s not just a box with some random scents, it’s a beautifully designed experience allowing you to test and make notes about which scents are your favourites, all for just £29.99 - less than most sample packs offered by other companies.

Quick and Easy Fragrance

One of the great things about wax melts is that they don't require a long burn time to fill your space with fragrance. Unlike candles, which need to be burned until a melt pool forms to get the full aromatic experience, wax melts give you a quick hit of scent. Pop one in your melter, and within minutes, your room will be filled with one of our carefully crafted fragrances. Each melt in the calendar lasts around 10 hours, but you can turn off your melter whenever you like and save the rest for later. We have people say the melts last for longer too depending on the wax melter used so they’re great long lasting but quick acting scent hits.

A Fun Experience

Let's face it, opening a new door each day to reveal a different scent is just plain fun. It's like having a mini Christmas morning throughout December. And for those of you who love a good surprise, keep an eye out for our Golden Wax Melts hidden in some of the calendars. Find one, and you'll win an exclusive candle-making session at our Cleator Moor workshops, along with a hamper full of Lakeland Lights treats. This year as you open each day you’ll not only collect your wax melt but you’ll also find an illustrated tool to help you on your Search and Rescue mission to discover the newest Lakeland Lights Co. addition behind day 24!

Support a Good Cause

We're not just about scents; we've also been working hard over the last year to support local West Cumbrian community causes. This year, for every Advent Calendar sold, we donate £1 to the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team. So you're getting a great product and you're supporting a vital service that helps keep our beloved landscapes safe.

A Gift to Yourself or Others

Whether you're a seasoned candle lover or new to the game, our Advent Calendar makes a perfect gift. Treat yourself to a unique advent experience or share the love with friends and family. And remember, each calendar comes with a scent logbook, so you can jot down your thoughts on each fragrance and even share your favourites on social media and with family and friends.

So, even if you are a candle lover, give our Advent Calendar a try this year. We think you'll find it's a delightful addition to your aromatic repertoire.