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Shiny New Things!

As some of you know, we have been managing supply challenges for the last 6 months. This has affected everything we use from the fragrance oils through to the jars and even the wax. All of this is a result of global supply chain issues caused by Covid-19 and the subsequent difficulties faced by manufacturers and suppliers to keep supplies flowing. We've managed to keep things going relatively well so far but do have to make a temporary change to our 30 hour candle jars.

As such, you will start to see a shiny new gloss white version of our jars appearing as stock levels require. These jars are almost identical except they're shiny instead of matt and they have a slightly rounded base. The first candle to come in these jars is our Ennerdale candle.

Ennerdale in our gloss jar

With demand for our candles remaining very high, we wanted to ensure that you could all still buy your favourites. As such we are approaching this as another chapter in our candle making history signifying the challenges that 2020 has brought! Ultimately these are limited edition candles and we will return to our matt white jars as soon as supplies allow. 

You will be able to see which candles are starting to use these jars with the product images including a pink "Made with love in the time of Covid" stickers on the product pages (see above Ennerdale candle and below). For these candles you will only be able to select the gloss version of the 30 hour burn time size. The 45 hour burn time size is unaffected and will not be changing to the gloss jars.


As always, please contact us if you have any questions. The candles all still perform exactly the same and we hope you love the new style while it lasts!

All the best and stay safe,