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Christmas Crags and Festive Fells are back!

Your favourite Lakeland Lights Christmas candles are available once again! Yes we know it's September and yes we also think it's a bit early to be thinking about Christmas but after a year of delays and challenges, we thought we'd get ahead in one area: Christmas!

So it's a warm hello again to Christmas Crags and Festive Fells!


Bring a little festive warmth into your home with our Christmas Crags candle. Evoking memories of cosy Christmas mornings in the Lakes, the fell tops dusted with snow and the frost twinkling on the hedgerows.

Come in from the cold to a warming smell of citrus and a blend of Christmas spices. Hints of jasmine and fir complete this winter warmer.


Wrap up warm and walk off your Christmas lunch as you take a stroll through the Cumbrian landscape. The comforting scents from log fires and the surrounding woodland linger in the crisp winter air.

Take in woody notes of birch tar, pine and cedarwood alongside familiar seasonal undertones of wood smoke. A touch of incense and patchouli complete this wintry winner.


Our Christmas range proved incredibly popular last year, selling out completely just before Christmas. This year we have increased the stock levels we have and plan to make to ensure as many of you can get your Christmas candles as possible.


Yep, they're back too! Available in both scents also and available now.



Last week we had a clearance sale on our temporary Gloss Jar stock which sold out in only a few days. We know some of you missed out on getting your candles at a reduced price so we have decided to hold an extra quick sale! From now until Sunday 19th September 2021 at 9pm, our main candle range will be on sale with 10% off on both the 30 hour and 45 hour burn time sizes! If you're looking to get ahead with your Christmas shopping this is a great chance to grab some of our most popular candles. Just a little extra something we wanted to do. 

Thanks once again for all your continued support of our small business. We couldn't do what we do without it!