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Welcome to our New Website!

Welcome to our brand new website! We’ve been working hard over the last couple of months with a web developer to completely update, redesign and migrate our website over to a new platform.

Some of you may know that we actually designed our first website entirely by ourselves as a cost effective and quick and easy way to get Lakeland Lights Co. online. It served us admirably doing what we needed it to do whilst we had a small collection of candles and products to offer. However, as we continued to grow our range and worked to add new products and services, we came across limitations with the platform we were using. We won’t get all technical with you but suffice to say, we had reached the limit of what we could do with it!

But I liked your old website!

So did we! Which is why we’ve made sure to keep the same clean design ethos we used on our first site. Most of the changes have been made behind the scenes which should mean that you can navigate quickly and easily to your favourite Lakeland Lights products and services, whether you are browsing on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Will my old customer account still work?

No. If you had an account on our old website you will need to set up a new account when you make your first purchase on our new site. You can tick a check box during checkout to do this quickly and easily. We felt that this was the best way to ensure everything was GPDR compliant and to let our customers choose whether to set up a new account rather than just migrate things over automatically. We’re sorry for any inconvenience but if you do set up a new account, shopping with us will be easier than ever moving forward!

What’s new?

Our new site has enabled us to add some exciting new things. For example, our local Safe Delivery service continues to be extremely popular with customers and we are pleased to say we’ve made it even easier to use. Previously you would need to enter a code during checkout but our new site will automatically check your shipping postcode and offer you free local and safe delivery to our eligible delivery locations! You can see below the area that is now covered automatically. As always, if you are not quite in this area, please do drop us a message as we have been able to add some locations onto delivery runs on a case-by-case basis (e.g. Workington and Cockermouth).

Local Delivery Radius 

We will soon be introducing a new scent quiz for those of you unsure which candle to buy. We know that buying scented candles online without being able to smell them can be tricky so this quick and simple quiz will be able to direct you to the scents we think you will like the most based on your preferences!

We are now able to accept many more methods of payment so if you prefer to pay using a particular method, we now have you covered! All handled securely and encrypted by our website provider.

In the future, we will be able to use our new platform to provide you with new types of products and services as well as making any future sales or discount periods automated and easier to use. We are continuing to look at options for potential limited product bundle offerings which we have not really been able to offer through our old site as we’d like. Stay tuned!

Still the same

Even though this is a new site on a new platform we are hoping that you shouldn’t notice too much of a difference when using it. You’ll still be able to buy your favourite Lakeland Lights Co candles (and future products) quickly and securely. You can also now find our stockists more easily on our interactive stockist page map as well as follow our latest news and updates on our news page. It’s as easy as ever to contact us either directly online through chat on our site (Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp), via the contact form or by email or even by phone. We are here to answer any questions you may have about our new site or products and we can’t wait to share some of the exciting things we have planned for the website in the coming months!

Happy browsing!

James and Jo