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Wax Melts Now Available!

We are excited to announce that our range of Lakeland Lights Co Wax Melts is now available! Made from the same 100% natural soy wax as our candles, our wax melts are individually hand poured and available in all of our signature scents.

What do I get?

Our packs contain 4 wax melts and each full wax melt lasts for up to 12 hours, depending on the wax melt burner you use. That’s up to 48 hours of Lakeland Lights scents in each pack! Each melt can be broken in half along the break line if you have a smaller burner or wish to have a lighter scent throw. The melts come hand wrapped in environmentally friendly tissue paper along with an instruction card. Everything is packaged in recyclable Kraft pillow envelopes.

Windermere Wax Melts

Why wax melts?

Not everybody wants to have candles in their home and not everyone has the time to light a candle for the time it needs. We’ve therefore had a LOT of requests over the last year to make wax melts. We have listened to you! We started the design process for these long time ago and only wanted to release a collection if we could ensure that they performed as we wanted them to and offered something that was unique to Lakeland Lights. And we think we’ve achieved that!

There's more!

We worked with a fantastic Cumbrian based manufacturer in Kendal to produce custom moulds for our wax melts. We wanted an oval melt that perfectly matched our recognisable oval labels so we had 3D printed prototypes made in a former F1 factory! These were then used to create the custom moulds, with included break lines, so that our melts can be used either full or in ½ pieces should you so wish. See pic below showing the design process.

Our custom moulds being designed and manufactured


Our melts are clean and simple containing just soy wax and fragrance oil – no added colouring, glitter or other bits. We’ve been testing extensively over the last few months with the help of some testers and stockists (thank you all) – if you’ve visited some of our stockists and smelled something in the air recently, there’s a good chance you’ve smelt our melts already! They’ve been tested in a variety of wax melt warmers including those that use tealights and also electric wax warmers, including some Scentsy warmers. There are literally thousands of types of warmers however so they may perform slightly differently depending on the warmer you have. As a general rule, the hotter the warmer gets, the stronger the scent throw will be but the melt may not last for as long. A cooler warmer will provide a gentler scent throw for a longer time. We recommend testing what works for you to get the strength and throw you want.


Releasing a completely new product line in a small business like ours requires a lot of extra work. We are currently only two chandlers (Custer the dog is not very good at pouring wax) and we are still getting our melt manufacturing process dialled in. Due to Covid-19 we have also been juggling a number of supply chain challenges which are ongoing (see future blog post on this). These are just a couple of the reasons why it has taken us a bit longer to release the melts than initially planned. So that we are able to plan effectively, there are limited batches of each scent available in this first release. Moving forward we will restock in further batches which we will announce through our social media or email lists as they become available – if a scent is showing as out of stock, please do add your email to be notified when it returns.

Our wax melts work in a variety of wax warmers

What Next?

We are looking at offering a wax melt sample pack in the future. However, this is not as simple as it may seem as the labelling requirements are specific and we need to ensure we are fully compliant in offering this. It is also a requirement that each melt is individually wrapped and separated from other melts. If we can make it work, we will!

We are also in the early stages of planning a subscription service. We want this to be something a little different though and to offer subscribers something extra to other product based services. Watch this space!

We also aren’t quite finished on the candle front for 2020 either...